Rent bicycle in singapore with Obike mobile app

Singapore is a clean nation city. That’s why I like a lot cycling here. For some of my weekday work and most of my weekend I would used bike for commuting or leisure.

Knowing that I always cycling in morning weekend to enjoy the green and fresh air of this garden city. Some of my colleagues from my home country starting to ask how to rent a bike in singapore? What is the recommended cycling route? How much does it cost? etc, etc.

Errrgh..this is difficult to advise. Because it is very difficult to explain to foreigner how to reach and find the suitable bike rental station if you are not live as a local. Some more the cost of rental which is aroud 10 Singapore Dollar per hour maybe not that worthy for the difficulty preceed it (my personal opinion).

But now seems I have the answer already. Since few weeks ago I saw there are quite many appearance of yellow white bicycle crossing around the street in my neighbour as well as in the park.

Obike on neighbour street

Finally I got it. That bicycle is belong to Obike  . This Obike is online bike rental company that going to invest thousands of bike to be rent in singapore.

Obike. Ride and park easily in singapore. Image from Obike web

Seems very easy how to rent this bike. I started to search around to Obike web and this is the step of how to rent a bike with it.

1. Install Obike app from android google play or from Apple app store and register with your mobile number or email address.

2. Once the app installed you are ready to use. But we need to deposit 45 Sing Dollar before we can start to rent for the first time. Payment can be made by PayPal or credit card and we can refund this 45 dollar later.

3. After succesfully register with the app we will get 100 Obike credit point. This point can be increase when your ride often and also can be deducted if you are abusing the Obike rule.

4. Need to top up your balance into Obike wallet in order to ride your Obike. Payment can be by paypall or credit card.

5. With 100 credit point upon registration. The cost of riding is 0.5 dollar per 15 minutes. It can be higher if yout credit point is lower due to rule violation in preceeding ride.

6. Bike reservation is free.  You can find the nearest available Obike using Obike app GPS map. Find the reserved bike, then unlock the bike by scan the QR code at the bike. You are ready to ride it.

Obike QR code

7. Riding it anywhere you like. Once you finish the ride by lock the bike at the public parking area the balance of your wallet will be deducted follow the duration of the ride. No need to return thr bike back to its original location. As easy as that.

I see this smart application for commuting and leisure has some advantages compare with traditional bike rental in term of cost and location access. Traditional bike rent can be 10 dollar per hour but Obike only 2 dollar.  And can be find it everywhere as long as you have the app in your smartphone.

Obike at public park area

The drawback I think is only that the spec of the bike is vey basic compare this day bike. It use single gear only, no gear shifting. And it is heavier than normal bike. But it is ok coz not many slope of terain can be found in singapore. And once you are start pedaling.  The bike weight will diminished as soon as the tire move forward. So you have plan to enjoy the city with bike? Or just commuting between point to point?  this Obike is one of the option now.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dyah Ayu Pamela berkata:

    That’s so cool! Rent a bicycle with mobile app. Not only ‘Ojek Online’ yeah. Should try i think 😀


    1. kayuhanpedal berkata:

      Yup..innovative. But I have my own bike already. Hehe seems will no chance to try


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